Waters Edge CP 31-8-11

A quick visit there today for a spot of fresh air and a check on the Little Grebes. On my way there I bumped into a couple I know who told me that there was only 1 chick there today. With a sinking feeling I made my way straight to their pool and was relieved to see all 3 chicks with their parents :) Phew! What a relief. It seems as though the biggest chick stays with one parent and its two smaller siblings stays with the other, and I have noted the parent with the 2 small ones spends a lot of time tucked in the edges of the reedbed.
Otherwise it was extremely quiet in the park with a few Swallows and House Martins about plus a vocal Great Spotted Woodpecker. A couple of Magpie were about too and a Grey Heron flew over.

I came across a couple of Grey Squirrels, including one that came down for a drink, only seen from a distance so not a very good photo obtained!!