Operation Little Grebe Part Deux 15-8-11

With a pleasant evening in store (weather wise) we headed back to see the Little Grebe family. For the next couple of hours or so I enjoyed an intimate observation of their parental duties, such a privilege! I spent most of the time lying low on my tummy in the mud, getting nettled and scraped rather a lot. I managed at one time to get even closer by patiently waiting for both adults to dive at which time I had about 3 seconds to inch closer dragging myself and my camera/lens along - not an easy task! A small price to pay though for the pleasure of watching their busy little lives at close hand. Photography wise it was somewhat difficult mainly because of the position of the Grebes and the light at the time. Mostly they were either side lit or I was shooting into the sun - so didnt really achieve the shots I would have liked but just observing them was a pleasure in itself. Here are a few shots I obtained, there are one or two more on my Zenfolio site http://mandywest.zenfolio.com/